Investing in Europe Summit


"One Belt, One Road", "Made in China 2025" strategy to stimulate the enthusiasm of Chinese enterprises overseas mergers and acquisitions, boosting Chinese SOEs and POEs overseas layout and overseas acquisitions. However, in the process of going abroad there would be many obstacles to be addressed, in order to make successfully invest in overseas mergers and acquisitions, make investments contributed for corporate growth targets, the industrial chain upgrading and internationalization. The conference aims to help Chinese enterprises better to go out and establish a communication platform, focusing overseas investment, Enhancing Chinese enterprises internal and external communication, professional advice and guidance, joint research topic to discuss details about going abroad, actively preparing for the enterprise going abroad.

The majority of participants are decision makers and senior executives of SOEs and POEs from China. From 2012, the conference attracted more and more business decision makers joined together to discuss investment issues in Europe which will be faced and investment solutions. With rising numbers of Chinese enterprises to go abroad, we will invite the enterprise which successfully invest in Europe to share their experiences, and to discuss the pros and convs on their way to Europe, to advise the method and reference in preparation for the enterprises that are willing to investing in Europe.

Hot Topics:

Strategy Clarification: The enterprise should make full use of “external brain” and internal resources, screen the prime sections of overseas M&A and clarify the overseas M&A strategy on the basis of the vision and general strategy of the enterprise and the analysis of the trends of development in this industry.

Process Screening: The enterprise should conduct overall screening upon the whole overseas M&A process so as to improve its overseas M&A capacity. From preparation to implementation, the enterprise should control every key point.

Effective Implementation: Prior to decision making and implementation, the enterprise should effectively manage the due diligence, negotiation and investigation process, identify the risks and conduct integrated planning so as to realize synergy effect and development of the company.

Capacity Construction: The enterprise should cultivate and improve a series of core capacities in overseas M&A process, such as the capacity in strategy planning, organizing, process management and supervision, etc.

From the frequent failure of the initial overseas investment, now the numbers of successful investment grew steadily. The conference as always focus on Chinese enterprises' growing, and keep establishing the platform to bring the successful experience of the pioneer companies to help you succeed.

Investing in Europe Summit 2018 will gather 180+ Chinese entrepreneurs, through keynote speech, panel discussion, and roundtable to discuss and brain-storm, face the challenge and learn about innovative solutions, assist you to find out the optimal methods and approaches to invest in Europe.

Investing in Europe Summit